Customer Testimonials


"I absolutely love Zyclear! It really is amazing! It seriously helps my migraines!"

- Jenni of Toms River, NJ


 "I've had chronic migraines for years. I have tried all meds, trying natural ways to decrease pain and even have an occipital nerve stimulator.  Zyclear is the first product I've found that actually decreased my pain! I am so happy!"

- Janet of Grand Rapids, MI


"So far I've tried Zyclear for a week now.  It's stopped every migraine (before it started) when I used Zyclear at the first sign of an oncoming migraine.  Zyclear is the only thing besides prescription that has ever worked!  I've had 15 or more migraines per month for years."

- Anna of Cleveland, GA


"It works really well for me.  If I can catch my symptoms at the very beginning of my aura phase, Zyclear helps.  Once my migraine is in full aura nothing helps.  You have a really nice product that doesn't break the bank!"

- Keri of Hamburg, NY


"I have used Zyclear twice so far, and both times it got rid of my migraines!  I get bright flashing lights in my eyes before I get a migraine.  I used it at the first onset of those symptoms.  Within 15-20 minutes, they were gone!  I would definitely purchase another tube after mine is empty."

- Calie of Loveland, CO


"It works really well for me. If I can catch my symptoms at the very beginning of my aura phase, Zyclear helps. Once my migraine is in full aura nothing helps. You have a really nice product that doesn't break the bank!"

- Keri of Hamburg, NY


"I have used Zyclear twice so far, and both times it got rid of my migraines!  I get bright flashing lights in my eyes before I get a migraine.  I used it at the first onset of those symptoms.  Within 15-20 minutes, they were gone!  I would definitely purchase another tube after mine is empty."

- Calie of Loveland, CO


"I have been very pleased with it.  I was a bit skeptical that it would work, but if I apply it as soon as I feel a migraine headache coming on, then it has worked in about 30 minutes.  I gave my last Zyclear bottle to a friend for her daughter."

- Karen of Phoenix, AZ


"Let me tell you about tonight and how Zyclear Migraine Relief helped me. I've been trying to avoid taking pain medications, both Rx and over-the-counter.   For the past 6 hours a migraine has been building from a throbbing knot on the back of my neck/skull, then crawling across the top of my head to a hotspot on my forehead, all on the right side.

Mostly I used heat and ice to manage the pain tonight, which wasn't doing much good. Then I remembered that I had the Zyclear.  I grabbed the Zyclear and rubbed it on the knot and followed the line of pain down my neck, plus applied more on both sides of my neck.  I also put more on the hotspot on my forehead and some on the tender spots on top of my head. That's it, I didn't take any pills and no more heat or ice.  About 30 minutes later the migraine started lifting and 45 minutes later it was gone.  I've never had a migraine clear that easily without Rx medication.

I'm thrilled with how well this product works.  I'll buy another one to carry with me."

- Louise of Littleton, CO


"I'm really surprised and delighted with Zyclear.  I have chronic daily migraines that often put me in bed.  Other days, I have lower level migraines that nag at me.  Zyclear has really helped me on those days.  I have tried so many medications and supplements, so I am happy to have found Zyclear.  Thank you for something that really helps."

- Cheryl of Guyton, GA


"So far I have had a very positive experience with Zyclear.  I was very eager to try it since I have frequent and severe migraines. I have tried it all but have not had any luck in finding the "miracle cure."  Recently, I have opted to try natural remedies including supplement intake. Most of my migraines are cervicogenic and I often experience severe muscle tenseness, especially around the shoulders and neck area.  After applying Zyclear as directed, I do experience significant relief which I feel prevents migraines from becoming stronger.  I continue to use this product at lease three times a week.  Overall, I like the product and will continue to use it.  Would I recommend Zyclear?  Most definitely.  It doesn't give me absolute migraine relief but it does help me in preventing them from progressing to a more severe state.  Once again, a billion thanks!"

- Racquel of Anthony, NM


"It really helps with the pain of my almost weekly migraine headaches. When done with this bottle, I will be ordering more for sure!"

- Marnie of Niagara Falls, NY


"I must say that to my surprise the Zyclear does in fact help.  I've suffered with chronic migraines for years."

- Christy of Warren, PA


"Zyclear is a life saver!  I have already recommended this great product to my family, friends, and co-workers that also suffer from migraines like I do!  This is the easiest product to use, since you don't have to take a pill with something to drink.  Just open the bottle and rub it on the back of the neck, and soon after you start feeling better!"

- Pamela of Albuquerque, NM


"It's a great product and definitely helps the severity of my migraines if I use it at the first sign of an oncoming migraine."

- Jillian of Hyannis, MA


"I love it!  It works instantly!  Many have seen me use it and have bought it."

- Jennifer of Ratliff City, OK 


"I am really pleased with Zyclear.  I have used it 6 times at the first sign of a migraine. Three times it has relieved the symptoms quickly, which is somewhat better than the prescription Maxalt.  Best of all, since I can't use Maxalt more than six times a month due to risk of rebound headaches, Zyclear provides an alternative when I get approximately 15 headaches per month."

- Jimmie of Greensboro, NC


"Zyclear has decreased the intensity, shortened the duration, or cleared my migraines altogether when used immediately.  It's most effective if used as soon as there are migraine indicators (prisms and certain pain at base of head are most frequent for me). Be sure to apply it on forehead and neck as frequently as recommended if migraines are intense."

- Christie of Murphysboro, IL


"I have only been able to use Zyclear a handful of times.  I can attest that it slows the migraine progression.  Also, I believe it reduces the severity of the migraine symptoms including eye sensitivity and nausea.  I did notice that it worked best when used at onset of the migraine, and before pain sets in."

- Tia of Eaton Rapids, MI


"I have been trying Zyclear since I got it and I have to give it to you people, I love it."

- Alexis of Hinesville, GA


"I like the product a lot.  It is easy to carry with me in my purse so that I always have it.  I am a chronic migraine sufferer.  I get an average of 15-24 headaches a month. Zyclear has worked to stop some of my migraines from getting worse - if I catch it immediately.  Sometimes it hasn't worked, but I am happy if it works sometimes.  For me, nothing I have ever used works consistently.  It is a good tool to have in my arsenal and I am grateful.  Thank you so much!"

- Nicole of Santa Clarita, CA


 "I have only had to use the Zyclear a couple of times and have noticed that my migraines never came on full force. Your product is pretty amazing."

- Kara of Schaumburg, IL


"I've been meaning to tell you how impressed and amazed I am with your product.  It's worked wonders on my horrible migraines.  Ever since I started using it, I did notice a decrease in the frequency of my migraines as well as the intensity of the pain and the amount of headache pills I was taking daily. Zyclear has definitely been a lifesaver for me.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to try your product.  I will continue to be a loyal customer. Thank you for this amazing product!"

- Karla of Woodbridge, VA


"I'm really loving this product.  I now use it daily.  I suffer from a rare form of migraines so my situation is a bit complicated, but I do feel like this is helping some and I'll take any improvement.  I love the small size, I can take it with me everywhere! What I love also is magnesium is one of my treatment protocols already and I love having an additional way to increase my overall absorption. Especially at times when I am unable to swallow a capsule."

- Chrissy of Cape Code, MA


"The Zyclear has actually been working very well for my migraines as long as I put it on both my neck and forehead/temples."

- Elizabeth of Bellmawr, NJ


"So far it's working great.  I apply it at the onset of a migraine and as long as I get it on time it's been working! I love it!"

- Vanesa of Hammond, IN


"I've had some pretty good success with this product so far. I've still had to use my pain meds a couple of times but Zyclear has really helped me through the rough patches."

- Tish of Tillamook, OR


"Well, I finally used it for the first time last night (luckily, I hadn't had any migraines lately). I applied it to the back of my neck, base of my skull, and forehead, as directed.  I also applied a bit to my temples as well. It did indeed stop my headache completely, over the course of about 10 minutes."

- Kassandra of Jackson, MI


"So far I've used it once and it really helped. My migraine didn't last long, maybe an hour or two (usually it'll linger for hours to days). I'm impressed!"

- Shannon of Demotte, IN


"I've only used it once but it seemed to work really well! I would definitely recommend it to my friends!"

- Kimberly of Stow, OH


"It works great if I catch the migraine coming on right away.  If it's already bad then I don't notice much relief (which not much at all helps at that point). Love the product overall!!"

- Angela of Mesa, AZ


"So far I love it. I have been able to ward off many potential migraines so far. I use it when I recognize the signs of them coming on. Thank you."

- Theresa of Cry Tuftonboro, NH


"Much to my surprise Zyclear sometimes works, when I use it at the very beginning of the headache when the pain is still very mild."

- Eleanor of San Francisco, CA


"I am very happy with Zyclear. Just to let you know, I have used Zyclear about three times. Although it doesn't take the migraine away, it does reduce it long enough to get through what you're doing and gives me time to take my abortives. I am impressed, you wouldn't believe the creams and roll-ons I have, that don't work at all.  I will definitely buy more of this product."

- Linda of New Auburn, WI


"First let me say I have two types of headaches, some are migraines, some are sinus headaches.  I have no warnings for my migraines and the two types of headaches are very similar.  The first time I used the Zyclear it didn't help at all.  I assumed that my headache must have been a sinus headache. The same thing happens with my prescription meds. However, the next two times I had a headache, I used the Zyclear and my headache was gone within 20 minutes!"

-Beverly of Cardington, OH


"I have not used it myself, but my son (15yo) did! It saved him a trip to the emergency room! He just rubbed a bit on his neck and forehead and within two hours his headache was gone! Thank you so much!!!"

- Heidi of New Kensington, PA


"So far I am loving the Zyclear. I've had a few bad headaches (on the verge of migraines) since I received the product and every time I have used Zyclear it has either taken the headache away or taken enough of the edge off that I can at least function. Overall I think it's a really great product that many people would find beneficial."

- Angie of Kittanning, PA


 "I have used Zyclear a handful of times now since I have received it and so far I have been pleased with it."

- Stephanie of Dallas, TX


"It's been really great so far. I had one really bad migraine where I was hospitalized. When I got home, my Zyclear was in the mailbox! I've used it a few times when I've felt a migraine coming on and it seems to have held them at bay."

- Jenna of Caledonia, NY


"I've used the Zyclear twice. It has decreased the intensity of my migraines.  My migraines are related to MS; I've had it for 15 years. The Zyclear has helped the migraines decrease in intensity and go away faster than usual, so I am happy to report that."

- Teresa of North Richland Hills, TX